Free Shipping & Refrigerant Handling Fee

Aug 31st 2016

Free Shipping*

We cover shipping to you, and if you order today we'll cover the Refrigerant Handling Fee, normally $35 per item.

FedEx-UPS Refrigerant Handling Fee?

Refrigerant as you know is what keeps us cool during the summer and for some warm during the winter. In an unregulated economy you could ship it all over the world. But we live in a world of rules and regulations. This transportation regulation on refrigerant may seem unfair at first but is a necessary to keep the transportation of global commerce safe.

In the United States the shipment of refrigerant (pressurized gas cylinder) is regulated. You can't even ship it at your local Post Office. Luckily FedEx & UPS allow companies like RefrigerantForLess to ship to consumers like you, so we can keep you cool (or warm).

Unfortunately, all shipments of refrigerant have an extra handling fee when shipped. This fee insures extra precautions are taken when in transport and only trained shipping personal handle the refrigerant package from our location to your door.